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Catherine's Table

Guest table

For dinner, you need to book in advance - subject to the possibilities of Catherine and the number of guests-*  Catherine proposes her set menus based on local dishes, sometimes flirting with flavours from the south:  Lyon's salad, Eggs Meurette (poached in red wine sauce), Poultry pâté terrine or mousse,  Free-range chicken in cream, Ham with Madeira sauce,  Sauté of veal “Gremolata”, Fresh vegetable tart,  Iced nougat, Raspberry and almond biscuit, Soft chocolate and chestnut mix ... 

For Catherine, cooking means sharing and giving pleasure. In 2013 she founded a club for cooking enthusiasts; Table Privée.

She totally agrees with Brillat-Savarin, a famous gourmet who lived in the 18th century, when he said " When you invite someone, you take on responsibilty for their happiness for as long as they stay with you".

Price for the table d’hôte’ dinner called "Le Lyonnais" is €25, served at 19:30 (7:30 .m) , including mineral water, and coffee or tea varieties.  (Wine and other drinks extra).

1/2 price for chidren 6 to 12 years.

* If you prefer choice a restaurant, or if Catherine can not do the host table, there are several friendly restaurants very close to the house. 

according proposal